Cameron Reynolds Photography | The Wedding of Micki & Mike

The Wedding of Micki & Mike

May 23, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

The week leading up to the wedding of Micki & Mike had us all feeling a little nervous. Not because anyone had any "cold feet" but because an outdoor wedding had been planned for the end of May and a late Colorado snow storm hit the area hard, the day before their big event. Fortunately, Colorado is fickle in the spring and while the ceremony was moved indoors, the weather cleared up and we got to play outside without having to fight snow-pocalypse. Micki & Mike currently live in Anchorage, Alaska. Mike works with the Air Force and Micki just finished a degree in accounting! In August they get to change their temperature, humidity, and latitude by moving to Florida. Regardless of where these two amazing people end up, they will thrive! Their love and comfort with each other was an absolute joy to photograph. Congratulations Micki & Mike!! Below you will find a few of our favorite moments.


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